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The Immortal Wars

A Fantasy Novel Series by C.E. Jeffery

A Mask of Secrets and Blood

A Veil of Beauty and Lies

A Realm of Stars and Schisms

Unknown to humans, Earth is a nexus of power, a connection between multiple supernatural planes. Here, immortals tread the paths between realms, connected by invisible threads of ancient magic. 

One such world, Valëtyria, receives a grim warning when one of their agents is slain and left outside their earthside headquarters. In response, Valëtyria sends Kitara, an immortal spy with a blood-soaked past, undercover to Ostragarn, the chaotic dark realm, to identify the mysterious leader uniting it from the shadows.

Storm, the silver-eyed celebrity son of Valëtyria’s High Councilor whose life was shattered by Kitara’s past, finds himself appointed as her handler. Despite his deep-seated animosity towards Kitara, Storm finds himself drawn to the spy he is assigned to protect while the anonymous enemy figurehead threatens everything they hold dear.

When a seemingly fantastical legend is revealed to hold the key to Ostragarn’s plan, Storm and Kitara are left with one choice: use their unexpected connection to thwart the enemy—or witness as all realms are brought to their knees.

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